is an Immersive and Adrenaline-pumping video game that plunges players into a gritty, Neon-drenched Metropolis of the Future.


A cyber city that is part of Medallia. Home to Machesky Megacorp and Mafia Commission controlled by Isaac Baxter. Take on the responsibility of recovering an important software Quanta that was stolen by the corporation and Mafia. Fight different factions and gangs who are also interested in the same Quanta.


Tribe Reapers

Tribe Reapers are a low life street gang in Amsteeket. They basically operate in New Easton. They are led by Tyrell Tronstard. They basically engage in street racing and steal whatever they can.


Greasers who are also known as the Vory emerged in the city of Amsteeket when immigration was booming. Amsteeket used to be the city everyone wanted to live in and ply their trade there. They are of Eastern European Origin.

Their Activities consist of Smuggling Illegal Black Market Technology, Augmentation, Organ harvesting and Cyberware.


Shinigami Gang refers to themselves as the ‘Death Spirit “, the ones not to be toyed with. They are a criminal organization with Asian origins operating within the high-tech Amsteeket. 

Main Activities: Street violence Virtual Realities and Gambling, Human Trafficking


7even is a gang group in Amsteeket that is widely associated with advanced fee fraud. They are AfroFuturists that consist of a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique skill and background.  These individuals are involved in scams, phishing and online fraud. They are also a deadly group that associate in wiretap frauds and identity fraud.

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